F&OD Instructional Consultation Services


Office of Faculty & Organizational Development offers voluntary and confidential consultations on teaching and coaching services. For details, visit http://fod.msu.edu/consultation/details.asp or call 517.432.2033.

Instructional Consultations Services Open to all MSU Instructors: Consultations services on teaching and learning are a way for instructors to discuss their teaching with professional consultants. Consulting on instructional issues is available for individuals, small groups, departments, and colleges upon request. Our consultants will offer guidance on the following topics:


  • Instructional methods and innovative approaches to teaching and learning
  • Instructional design, e.g., alignment of goals, teaching methods, and assessments
  • Course materials including syllabi, assignments, exams and other forms of assessment, feedback on student work, grading practices, etc.
  • Classroom-related concerns
  • Feedback on student course evaluations
  • Inclusive teaching and integration of multicultural materials into curricula
  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
  • Resources and research on college teaching and learning

Instructional consultation services are free for MSU instructors.

Coaching Services Open for All Faculty in the Tenure System, Health Programs System, and the College of Law:


  • Coaching for presentation skills, which is co-sponsored by the College of Communication Arts and Sciences and F&OD.
  • Coaching to enhance speaking skills for faculty non-native speakers of English, which is a collaboration between F&OD and the English Language Center.

Coaching services are free for tenure system, Health Programs, and College of Law faculty. (These services will provide up to five hours of consultation per client free of charge, after which clients are encouraged to discuss with the consultant a variety of options for continuing the development of their professional skills.)

Instructional Briefings: During 2008, F&OD surveyed past MSU teaching award winners and Lilly Fellows to identify those who would be willing to discuss focused issues in teaching and learning with their colleagues by email, phone or in person. Their names and contact information have been posted on the F&OD website at: http://fod.msu.edu/InstructionalBriefings/about.asp#expertise.

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