Creating Space for Inclusion - Certificate Series 2

Stereotyping Hurts – This workshop begins with a thorough examination of stereotypes; what is stereotyping and why do people stereotype?  Participants will work to understand how the process by which individuals are viewed as members of groups and the information that is stored in each of our minds about the group is ascribed to individuals and the day-to-day impact this process has in the workplace. 

(Level 2 – Creating Space for Inclusion and Engagement Certificate Series – Part 1 is a three hour session)

Mixing Four Generations - For the first time in U.S.society, there are four generations in the workplace at the same time. The goal of the workshop is to define the four generations and their workplace characteristics. This session will also:

  • Identify the common drivers and value systems of each generation and how those drivers affect motivation and behavior
  • Describe how each generation defines success
  • Understand how the differences affect communication and relationships
  • Determine how approaches may need to change when coaching, managing and leading employees of different generations and
  • Lead participants to an appreciation and respect for what is important to each generation. 

(Level 2 – Creating Space for Inclusion and Engagement Certificate Series – Part 2 is a four hour session)

 “The Color of Fear”-This workshop uses as its focal point the groundbreaking film "The Color of Fear" to allow participants to begin to examine and learn more about the state of race relations in America as seen through the eyes of eight men of different ethnicities.  The exercises used during the session are to stimulate a dialogue amongst the participants about their personal experiences with racism. This personal conversation, done in dyads, provides a place to begin to develop ways of effectively and appropriately building a truly multicultural society based on equality and trust.

(Level 2 – Creating Space for Inclusion and Engagement – Certificate Series - Part 3 is a seven and a half hour session lunch is included)

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Stereotyping Hurts

Mixing Four Generations

The Color of Fear 

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