What are Faculty Learning Communities and how do I get involved?

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are ongoing discussion groups that allow MSU colleagues to gather from across departments in order to discuss and develop their skills around a specific teaching and learning topic.

To join or learn more about thes FLC's, contact the facilitators listed below.  For a complete description of each FLC and its objectives, go to http://fod.msu.edu/FLC/about.asp.

Evaluating Teaching Excellence Across Academic Cultures NEW!

Co-facilitator:Suzanne Lang, langsu@msu.edu; Co-facilitator: Pat Crawford, crawf203@msu.edu


Incorporating Active Learning and Inquiry-Based Learning in Large Lecture Courses NEW!

Co-facilitator:Carole Robinson, carolero@msu.edu; Co-facilitator: Cy Stewart, stewart@msu.edu


Inquiry-Based Problem Set Development for Molecular Cell Biology NEW!

Co-facilitator:Donna Koslowsky, koslwosk@msu.edu; Co-facilitator: Ron Patterson, patter13@msu.edu


Negotiating Sexual and Gender Identity as an Instructor NEW!*

Co-facilitator:Jeff Bale, jbale@msu.edu; Co-facilitator:David Kozishek, kozishek@msu.edu


Promoting Long-Term Retention and Student Learning in the Sciences NEW!

Co-facilitator:Julie Libarkin, libarkin@msu.edu; Co-facilitator: Gabriel Ording, ordingga@msu.edu


Promoting Teaching Excellence and Quality Student Learning in Integrative Studies**

Co-facilitator: Christina DeJong, dejongc@msu.edu; Co-facilitator: Kirk Kidwell, kidwell@cal.msu.edu; Co-facilitator: Gabriel Ording, ordingga@msu.edu


Supporting Graduate Students’ Scholarly Reading NEW!

Co-facilitator: Alicia Alonzo, alonzo@msu.edu


Teaching and Learning Abroad**

Co-facilitator:Inge Steglitz, steglitz@msu.edu; Co-facilitator: Jim Lucas, lucasjam@msu.edu


Teaching with Technology: Blended and Online Learning NEW!***

Co-faciliator: Cathleen McGreal, mcgreal@msu.edu; Co-facilitator: R. Joy Durding, durdingr@msu.edu


Writing in the Sciences: Teaching and Learning

Co-facilitator: Terri Trupiano Barry, barryter@msu.edu; Co-facilitator: Michael Orth, orthm@msu.edu


X-Word Grammar and International Students Writing: New Approaches in Perspective and Technology NEW!

Co-facilitator:Peter Hoffman, hoffmanp@msu.edu; Co-facilitator:Akiko Ota, otaakiko@msu.edu


* Co-sponsored by the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives and F&OD

** Co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost, Undergraduate Education and F&OD

*** Co-sponsored by Libraries, Computing & Technology and F&OD